Farming Simulator 14

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 Cheaper than a coffee fist-pump-and-yes-smiley-emoticon


Farming Simulator 2014  has a very accessible price, it’s a real bargain, won’t cost you that much at all. You probably know games cost a lot but these developers made this game for everyone and put a very low price.

So much fun, just think a little bit, you will own and act as a boss, you’re a farm manager, just like real farming, just this one is simulation and you won’t lose real money and you won’t need to smell that bad.

you-stink-smiley-emoticon Real farmers smell like a skunk does! Ha! Ha! Ha! tears-of-joy-smiley-emoticon

for Mobile and Tablet

Windows & Mac OS X

for Playstation 3

for Xbox 360


  1. Enjoy Multiplayer mode for devices with WiFi and Bluetooth, play with your friends.
  2. Highest 3D graphics gives you a top-notch gameplay experience that you will never forget.
  3. Because you own a farm you can plant wheat, canola or corn and then you can go to market and sell it for profit.
  4. You can mow tedder, grass and windrow then create big hay bales so you can feed the cows then you may sell milk in the market.
  5. You can make a lot of money by selling your grass and chaff at the Biogas Plant and you can pay an assistant to work for you in the farm.

:D  This amazing review has been made by Farming Simulator 14 with info sources from Giants!  :D